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International Payment

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International Payment

Hello, I am looking to make a purchase from an Italian Company. They sent .pdf invoice to my e-mail, but asked me to do business through PAYPAL EUROPA  DE+(super long number). How can I go about this?


Re: International Payment

Hi @syufa,


Thank you for your post! I'm sorry to hear that you've received a confusing invoice.


Invoices sent through the PayPal system do not arrive as a .pdf, and they can be viewed within your PayPal account. If you have received something outside of PayPal advising you to pay via a link or an unfamiliar website, please be very cautious.


If they want you to make a payment via PayPal, you can log in via and pay to the email address that they specify. Choose to send as a goods and services payment in order to have Purchase Protection. Alternatively, you can request that they send you the invoice through the PayPal account so you can see it within the account rather than externally in a .pdf file.


If they balk at either of these solutions, please be cautious as a business with a legitimate PayPal account should be willing to accommodate such a request to ensure the safety of the payment.


I hope this helps!




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