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Intelligent scammer case via "Friends and Family"...

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Intelligent scammer case via "Friends and Family"...

My case is interesting. Look!


I agreed to deal outside of eBay with a seller.

And to avoid any fees we had a deal via F&F (I know, my bad).


The seller has 100% positive feedback and a lot of items sold.


So he ended my listing right after receiving money (good, I thought).

Next day he relists and get it sold.

So I ask: wtf? He replied: don't worry, I have several pairs.


Okay and within a next month he never ships the item, only promising to send every single week.

The excuses were: work far from home, coronavirus etc.

So I asked to refund. First week he said: no.. he will send the item.

Second week: he said he will refund.

Third week: vice versa.

Fourth week: he said I got a refund.


Of course, I don't have anything.

I have submitted a request to his PayPal to send me my money back. He declined.

I tried reporting him through unauthorised activity. Declined.

I called my bank: they can't help.

I reported him to eBay and PP: still discussing.


BUT I have his image, name and location. So I have found his FB page. He is married, 2 children.

So I can either try to contact someone in his list, but I don't know how to put everything correctly.

Or I can submit a fraud request to the police. (But he is in the UK, and I am in Moscow)


I wonder, why is he doing this? Such a good man behaving this way.

He always replies instantly.

The last fairy tale from him was that PP charged him exactly my sum of money so he is figuring things with them.

Which is definitely a bull....


I don't know what to do...


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Re: Intelligent scammer case via "Friends and Family"...



Friends and family payments have no buyer protection. You essentially sent a "gift" payment so therefore no incentive for the 'seller' to send you anything. Reporting transaction as Unauthorized won't work because no one broke into your account to send the payment. Just have to see if reporting the seller will ban the seller's account or not.


"Next day he relists and get it sold."


I doubt he "sold" it again. But just ripped off another person the same way he did you. 

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂