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Instant withdrawal limitation

New Community Member

Instant withdrawal limitation

I've been working with Paypal business as an eBay seller for more than 7 months. 2 weeks ago suddenly I received an Email from Paypal saying that your account is going to get limitation on instant withdrawal of 800 each month. €800 is almost zero for a seller! And there was no reason for this limitation. I sent the costumer service many messages and complaints. But no one answers! Why should my account get limited after 7 months of working? Why is Paypal always suspecting us? Why do they have such a poor customer service that never answers to the messages and complaints from the clients?

Even after 2 weeks of delivery of the products(which is shown in tracking numbers) my money is still held. How can we continue our business when Paypal is holding I the money we have?

Any one has any idea how can I get rid of this unfair limitation?