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Instagram Growth Service Scam

New Community Member

Instagram Growth Service Scam

Hi there,


I have purchased recently a one month subscription of the Instagram Growth service on . Unfortunately it is never mentioned in their terms of service that they do not support accounts with have the 2 Factors Authentication activated and you have to deactivate this option from your account, if you want the service to work. Considering that this is an important security measure, I am not willing to deactivate it. I noticed it immediately and wanted to cancel my subscription and to ask for my money back but the seller does not want to cooperate. They also don't have any company information on their website. I opened a dispute in the resolution center telling PayPal my issue and more than one month later I got the outcome that I cannot be refunded because nothing was wrong with the service. 


I consider that I did not get complete information when purchasing the product. It is mandatory that your 2 Factors Authentication is deactivated so that their service runs, but this is not written anywhere, you get to see it only after payment and after logging in. 


What would be your advice in this case? I would need my money back and the paypal buyer protection seems to be a story, not reality.