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Information about Falovshe


Information about Falovshe

Just want to put it out there that I had purchased Spenco sandals which are usually orthotic, from a company called Falovshe which I thought it was a US company.

Checked them out and found no problems about them so I purchased  the item. Received confirmation immediately about the purchase and provided me with  a tracking number ( not a US tracking number). Afterwards, I found out that it was from China and will take 4 weeks. Got in touch with them via email about the tracking and told me not to  worry. I still worried because I checked out their reviews which were not so favorable. Anyway the tracking device provided by a third carrier ended up a reliable service but was concerned it wasn't. I got the sandals but they are a not knock off ,  not orthotic, and wrong color. I am not returning them. I will wear them but nevertheless, I wrote to the company about my dissatisfaction with their merchandise and will never buy direct from China again. Now I can't even find the product I bought on their website or anywhere when I was surfing  the  web for these sandals. 

So don't buy from this company and try to buy from US. 

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Falovshe Scammers!

Buyer Beware Falovhse is a scam site. They also remove their listings after you purchase so you cannot find them. They do not abide by any of the guarantees on their site such as 100% Money Back Guarantee, Return Shipping if it's the wrong or incorrect product, and 30 day money back guarantee. They will purpose promise a great product at a fantastic site only to send you a Chinese branded knock off product that is nothing like what was advertised. They false advertise and scam you out of your money and then it is really difficult to get your money back. Shipping from China to US is $5. Shipping back to China from US is $80. The product is often not worth the return shipping. The company even though they state they will pay return shipping, they will not agree to rma the product, instead they try to get you to agree to a partial refund. They False Advertiste, scam you, fraud you, and try everything possible to get you to keep their cheap Chinese Knock off product and make it increasingly difficult to get a refund. I wish Paypal would disallow them from selling products using PayPal. I also wish PayPal would side with the customer and force this fraud seller to pay shipping and refunds on products. Absolutely ridiculous seller, Buyer Beware and do not purchase anything from this company.