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Ineligible for PayPal Purchase Protection


Ineligible for PayPal Purchase Protection

Putting this out as a public notice. I went ahead and bought one of the cheap mats that are advertised all over FB and are usually $500. It took 30 days to get and I paid $65. See actual pictures. It measures 15" x 55" total. I emailed the seller asking how this was the advertised "Floating Water Pad Mat, The Three-Layer XPE Foam Is Compounded Roll-Up Floating Island - 3-6 people / Blue." They responded with "You got the correct item, no refund."
I opened up a case in the Resolution Center of Paypal. Immediately came back with "Ineligible for PayPal Purchase Protection" and it auto closed the case. I tried calling but that was a joke and a waste of time. Never got to talk to anyone after numerous tries. Went to PayPal FB page. Nothing. Such B.S.
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If you were ineligable then did you pay using the friends/family option?

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