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Incorrect charge from Paypal

New Community Member

Incorrect charge from Paypal


I've been hit with a -$45 charge on my Paypal account

When I have asked Paypal they have told me initially a transaction here in Australia was not paid. This transaction wa for $42 and has been paid by other means

I once again spoke to Paypal and they then told me it was a transaction fro $60 from the UK, once again this has been paid and drawn from my account

I have messaged and spoken to PayPal repeatedly to try and resolve this issue, but they do not respond and won't help me 

How do I escalate this to try and resolve this. I've paid the $45 charge and am trying to recover my monies.

The message centre is a waste of time as they do not respond as is the contact number in Australia as they are unable to actually tell me where this negative balance is from. The 2 different transactions they have identified have both been fully paid

I want to resolve this and put in a complaint, so that I can speak to someone that has an idea what they are talking about