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Incorrect Services Received

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Incorrect Services Received

My wife ordered a writing service (text copy improvement), on a DC not CC sadly, within a very specific timeframe. It didn’t arrive and was chased and an awful cut and paste effort was received. Dates changed, misspelling, out of format. Key, it was out of time and their excuse was that it was a first copy of three. The final to arrive next week. A week after it was agreed and required. PayPal upheld their defence of services received. But the final draft wasn’t ( we only expected one) and not on time. Any suggestions please? Can we re-raise the dispute? It’s very evident from the emails we attached.

Re: Incorrect Services Received

Hi @JR72UK,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


If you only partially received what you bought, the correct reason for a claim would be 'Item Not As Described' and not 'Item Not Received'. I would recommend trying to appeal your case from the 'Acton' section next to your case in your Resolution Centre and report that what you received was not as described. 


I hope this helps.