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I was scammed and paypal allowed it to happen

New Community Member

I was scammed and paypal allowed it to happen

I was scammed and paypal sided with the scammer

I ordered Purchase details TV Buddy $17.97 Shipping $5.99 Total $23.96

I received a screen top shelf instead. just unbelievable

I opened a case and because paypal sided with the scammers i'm not able to have justice. I'm stuck with a product I never ordered and took over a month to come 😡

PayPal Employee

Re: I was scammed and paypal allowed it to happen

Good day @lisamcnair7819 


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!


I apologize if your case was closed in your seller's favor but I want to make sure we go over all the available options for you. 


1. Is the reason of your case under "Significantly Not As Described"? If not, please appeal the decision.

2. Know the reason why your case was denied (Please check your email).  If you believe that the decision is not correct, then you can still appeal the decision along with any new evidence to present.


  • To file an appeal, kindly contact Customer Service by clicking "Contact" near bottom of the PayPal pages. You should be given some options on how to get ahold of a representative.

3. if above options still didn't work then you may want to consider contacting your bank / Card issuer to discuss the matter.



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