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I was scamed


I was scamed

  • Online looking for a lawnmower. Thought I might have found what I was looking for. Placed the item in cart. Signed in to Paypal. Tried to ask seller a question. Could not get answered. Waited for tomorrow. Went to bed. Tried to contact seller. Paypal now had info. Told Paypal not to pay this seller. 48 hours later $148 charge showed on my moble bank app. There was more to this but I was scamed and Paypal helped.


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Re: I was scamed



Paypal processed the payment you told them to process.

Once you have made a transaction they can't cancel it, that would be between you and the seller to sort out and cancel.


Paypal provides you with some buyer protection for non receipt of item or item received but not as described.

They don't provide protection for ''I changed my mind and don't want to pay''.


Best thing is to research your seller before you decide to purchase something.

You still have buyer protection if you don't get the item or it turns up as not what you ordered.


However if it was from one of these China websites or Facebook ads you may need more advice so post back when and if you need to.

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