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I was Scammed but chose not to authorize payment via text

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I was Scammed but chose not to authorize payment via text

Hello so I was scammed. After I notified the seller that I made the payment the seller started acting strange and I realized it was a scam. I attempted to cancel the payment but my account was locked. The. PayPal sent me a text saying the transaction was suspicious and asking if I authorized it. I said no because I did not want the money to go to the scammer. I got an email saying the payment was reversed. Then when I checked PayPal again it showed me getting a pending refund. I thought cool this is over. Then I got another email starting my case was denied as this was not a security breach. As in someone did not use my account and that my refund is denied. I looked on PayPal and my refund is still pending. And everything I read says that refunds are initiated by buyers. There was no money taken from my account yet as it is Sunday. Has anyone else had experience with this? Will both transactions just be canceled? Will they be take my money then issue the refund back? Or will the money be taken and I’ll have to dispute again? Will I need anything if I dispute?


Re: I was Scammed but chose not to authorize payment via text

It sounds like there are a couple of things going on here.

First, their system caught something funny and asked if it was authorized. You said "unauthorized", but then their system checked and probably matched up the IP address, browser cookies, etc. and could tell that it did indeed come from you, so they denied the "unauthorized" claim.

You did make the payment yourself, of course, so that part is true. You just realized too late that it was a scam.

You will likely need to file a separate dispute for "not received" or "not as described".

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