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I want my money BACK


I want my money BACK



I ordered some stuff from JustCampersLtd.

it's been 3 days, I haven't received any confirmation on my order whatsover.

on Sept9th,

PayPal keeps crashing and telling that theres an issue. Then they eventually took my money and I thought well, everything is fine.

And now it's been 3 days, I wrote to JustCampers support team, they said that there were NO CONFIRMATION from PayPal, and I should pay for my order using any other way. 

I tried to connect to PayPal, no answer and no way to connect the support team, million questions and answers on their website but there no actual use of it.

It's not my first time using PayPal tho, but, gee, I had no hard time using it ever before. And how on earth could I get my money back now?????

i wanted to open a dispute, issue, whatever it is called, they said hell no, you can't open a dispute.

''This is a temporary authorization to make sure your payment method will cover the payment. Your payment method will be charged when Just Kampers Ltd completes your order.''

The Campers said '

We are waiting for Pay Pal to authorise the payment. 
You may need to check you account details are correct and upto date with paypal. '
is this a joke?
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Re: I want my money BACK



When you pay a company (rather than an ebay seller or individual), then it is often pending until that company processes your order and captures the pending payment.
If they don't process that order and capture the pending payment then the pending status times out at 30 days post-payment.

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