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I've never felt so disrespected in my life by a company.


I've never felt so disrespected in my life by a company.

I can't even explain how disrespected I feel about PayPal service,

I'm a freelance programmer, I charge my clients online, usually Venmo or other platforms, this time (Worst decision in my life) I decided yo use PayPal.

This account is 10 years old now, as I said I received a payment from one of my customers at first everything happened cool I received the money, but when I tried to withdraw the money to my bank, I received an error to try again and same thing happened over and over.


First I contacted chat support I thought I'd be simple, he said the system detected a big amount (only 1k USD) and it was banned for that, because of no previous transactions, they guy was terrible service I could tell he hated to be doing that. And he decided to Limit my account for 2 different just because I kept asking for a solution, he said I was a hacker and what not.. Company making the customers feel bad literally man I felt sad.


I contacted phone support.. at first they listened they told me they'd review my documents... everything seemed to be in place now...

I've called now 5 times I realized that all the service and the progress you can make depends 100000% on the agent you are place with.. it's luck, literally good or bad luck. 


The second one was good also he told me they were reviewing, sadly I had to wait because the next call ruined everything, a girl literally banned my account for 180 days... with no reason I literally feel robbed. I provided pictures of the bank statement they said they were valid, also both my drivers and ID picture. Everything.


I don't have an explanation why this happened other than an Agent's reaction. It's human power they are doing. It's terrible man. I'm not even frustrated I'm sad, I worked 2 months on that project that I got paid for, and now it's just gone for 6 months.


Why is it like this?


I have everything. Everything.