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I’ve been scammed on depop through PayPal!!!


I’ve been scammed on depop through PayPal!!!

So recently I bought a phone on depop, I forked out £500=€580. She asked me (on depop) to send it through PayPal as depop would hold the money for a long time. So I sent the €500 in 4 separate payments, as I was waiting for money to go into my account from a family member. 3 or 4 days later, she had received full payment from me. She hasn’t marked the phone as sold on depop and continued to update pictures etc of the phone. So I asked her about it and she said she will get it posted but hadn’t asked for my address yet. So I asked her does she need my address, she says yes so I proceed to give it to her. A day or 2 has passed and she still hasn’t posted it. I asked her if I gave her my dads address as he lives in the uk he would get the phone faster as she lives in the uk too. Then she says she got it posted the next day. Then she kept updating pictures of it still so I asked her about it. She blocked me on Instagram (which I was was contacting her through the whole time). Then she deleted her depop account. I don’t know what to do, I have screenshotted everything and have proof of all payments and screenshots of her pages etc. I really need my money back! Someone help.
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Re: I’ve been scammed on depop through PayPal!!!



Much quicker if you just said 'item not received' and how you sent the paypal payment and how you funded the paypal payment.

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