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I've been scammed by $50, what can I do now?

New Community Member

I've been scammed by $50, what can I do now?

1. After coming across ad on telegram of a user selling crypto, I decided to buy about $50 of USDT (crypto stable coin) and paid $50 to the guy via paypal. 

2. I followed his instruction which included opening a dispute, choosing digital good, than closing the dispute, I knew that if I do so it will be almost impossible to get my money back, and told him that I hope he won't scam me and run with the money, he told me that he is doing so because he was scammed by users who just asked for refund, so I said I'll give it a try.

3. I tried to change claim to unauthorized payment but paypal ruled that it was authorized.


I know it's little money, but I still want to do something about that, to me it's only $50 but for others it could be more.

Will paypal give away user information after filing a complaint to police? any other way to act?