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I’ve been hacked

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I’ve been hacked

I found 1,000.00 withdrawn from checking it’s still pending.  Tomorrow it will be a completed transaction.  Also someone else’s mobile number on my account, which I deleted. I can’t cancel this transaction because they said I authorized it.  I haven’t used PayPal in so long. Once completed I can’t get my money back.  I tried different telephone numbers can’t get a hold of a human.  Tried help on computer can’t get a hold of a human.  So basically I’m going to get ripped off because PayPal won’t communicate with me.  Any suggestions?



Re: I’ve been hacked

Hello @Kimruger1,


I'm sorry to hear you're running into some unauthorized activity on your account. Normally you can report any unrecognized activity through our Resolution Center. Here's a great Help Center article that can guide you through that process: How do I report an unauthorized transaction or account activity?


If you're running into issues reporting that activity through our Resolution Center, I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Support teams by clicking Contact and then Message Us at the bottom of the PayPal page. They're also available through Twitter direct message or Facebook instant message. 


Best Wishes,


 - Jon K

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