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I've been blocked out of my account and i dont know why


I've been blocked out of my account and i dont know why

I was given a limitations order and had to send in documents and information, and my driving licence, which i did and it was all correct. They havent told me why they put a full ban on my account but 2 hours after sending them the details they sent me an email saying im never allowed to use paypal again and cant set up another account. I had sold something on ebay and the customer wanted to cancel so i did and the refund was pending with ebay. But they got mad it was taking to long and went to paypal to request action. I pleaded my case that a refund was already being prossessed and they still sided with the buyer who then ended up getting the refund 3 times and i was blocked out of my account straight after that. I dont know what is happening and they wont give me any information and the only way to contact them is through email which says it will be 90 days before they get back to me. I cant withdraw my money and it was in my paypal for temporary safe keeping. The email also said they will only transfer me half of my accounts money, in 180 days, how is that fair? How can i fix this ive litterally done nothing wrong?

Re: I've been blocked out of my account and i dont know why

Doesnt help much but I have the same problem.  The email replies I get say to go to my account overview page and click on the items that need to be resolved but all I get is a page that says  


You can't use PayPal anymore


The replies seem to be generated by an automated reply system that just goes around in circles.  I will continue to try to get a response from someone but based on replies here I am not sure that will work out.  


Good luck with your problem....