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I think my buyer is trying to scam me


I think my buyer is trying to scam me

I sold 2 items to this buyer 2 weeks ago, one product being £110 and the other being £290. The buyer is an international buyer but specifically asked for the cheapest shipping, which is one without tracking. He opened a dispute 7 days after the £110 product was shipped, and escalated it to a claim saying he hasn’t received in which I provided postage proof which included all of his address details provided by the buyer, and I still lost the case. As soon as he won the case he opened another dispute, escalating it to a claim with the exact same claim message in the other case, appearing to be copied and pasted. I have shipping proof but no tracking number, but have contacted Parcelforce and they have confirmed that the product has been delivered and they will provide email confirmation. What should I do??
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Re: I think my buyer is trying to scam me

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We're sorry about the claim decision not in your favor despite the postage you provided. PayPal requires a tracking number that is trackable or visible online. Postage/label is not accepted as concrete proof of shipment because it is something that can be easily generated or tampered in ecommerce industry. Good thing is that your Shipping company willing to provide documents. I'll be honest, this will be a tedious and there's no big guarantee that we can recover this money. It will be possible if the dispute officer will honor to apply the Seller's protection. Here's information about Seller protection. Also check this seller protection coverage . Once you secured the official document of the shipping company, contact Customer service to appeal the case. Log On to your PayPal Account. Click HELP on the top Menu, scroll down to the bottom of the Page and click CONTACT US. You have the option to call or send us a message. Reopening / appealing a case can only be initiated by a customer service representative.


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