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I suspect PayPal is being scammed.

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I suspect PayPal is being scammed.

I'm about to leave PayPal... I believe they are being scammed. I wish to talk to a live person, LOL! Here's the situation. I ordered 3 items from a website on January 9, 2021. The web page said, ''once your order is submitted you will receive a confirmation number''. I never did. Today is the 22nd and I was tracing down my order to see what's going on. I entered a dispute today on the transaction for a refund. Let's back up to 1-19-21. I received a package in the mail I did not order. It was a padded envelope with one single necklace bead in it. Why do I think this is related? My PayPal account name is listed different then how I enter my name when I order stuff online. This unordered package I received has my PayPal name on it, not the name I use when I order stuff (I do this on purpose). I believe the online order I have not received but yet paid for may have sent this single bead so they would have a tracking number to provide PayPal, and the merchant will try to say I ''received'' my item therefore resolving their end as having sent a package? I don't know, this is still unfolding as I type this. Whatever the case, PayPal dispute says they will have a decision by February 22... WHAT?!? No, I don't think so. Since PayPal doesn't want to provide a way to TALK to a representative, I will issue a chargeback on my next statement. Yes, I know this will suspend my account, (been there - done that), but I'm done with this BS! Meanwhile, I pay interest for two months. If they refunded me and paid my interest, all would be good. That's not going to happen. Bye bye PayPal if you don't make good on this, I will make all transactions outside of PP from now on. I'm tired of you playing ''middle man'' with your hand out, nickle and dime-ing me, then when stuff goes bad, set up a maze of hoops to jump through to get a mediocre resolution. I just won't deal with you anymore. This is just a heads up to anybody that will listen. PayPal won't hear me out and doesn't seem to care. They deserve to be fleeced if this is the way they wish to operate. 

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Re: I suspect PayPal is being scammed.



OR don't buy the tat they send from these China websites or Social Media ads.

Paypal give you some protection but its not an insurance policy or meant to be so its up to you to risk assess your own transactions. 

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