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I received email "You can no longer do business with PayPal"

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I received email "You can no longer do business with PayPal"

hi, today is one of the worst day. I received an email that PayPal will no longer do business with us. This is because of one customer was surprised to see her credit card statement "Paypal Singapore" yet she never been to Singapore nor purchase anything in Paypal. So she called her credit card provider to block her card and issue a new one thinking its hacked. After few days Paypal emailed that there is a pending case. Upon checking we called the customer and explained and she was apologetic for the mistake. So we answered the case and explain that the customer received the item in full and acknowledge her mistake of calling her credit card provider. Until now the case is pending. Then Paypal  gave us 8 transactions to verify the fulfillment of orders. We entered the tracking numbers of each transactions. And apparently, Paypal emailed all 8 customers to verify. But in PayPal email it says "NEW order". So the initial reaction of those customers who received those email from PayPal was "no I didn't not order that nor unauthorized the transaction. which I don't blame them because it almost a month since they ordered and already received the item. so if a new email arrives and says "NEW order" then it will surely alarm the customer or they think customers were charged twice.


Because of those events, now my business is affected. this is 100% unfair and uncalled for. The worst part is Paypal is not responding to any emails. 


Any suggestions? This is really traumatic and unreal. Our funds are stuck for 180 days and yet we need to pay our suppliers and employees and other expenses. All of that because of one customer that made a mistake thinking her credit card was hacked and used in Singapore.


I hope someone from PayPal can read this and review its policies.