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I received a full refund from eBay although I received the order

New Community Member

I received a full refund from eBay although I received the order

I bought an order of 87$ including shipping

The order was consisting of 19 items
I asked the seller to send it through DHL but he sent it through Pakistan Post and he gave me a working tracking number
I have already received the order but I opened a case that items not as described because only (one) of the items was wrong and the rest 18  items were correct

In the case, I wrote clearly that I received the item and I ask only for a partial refund of 5-7$ because only one item was not as described

But eBay refunded me the total cost 87$ and they mentioned that the tracking number was not correct (Although, it worked with me well on Pakistan Post)

I tried to contact the seller to pay him back but had does not reply to my messages I even contacted the Whatsapp number written on the envelope sent to me but no answer at all 

I want to contact eBay to inform them about the case and ask them to pay the seller again but there are no visible options for that


I thought to pay the seller again through his PayPal account but the refund data included this sentence" Paid by eBay - eBay Inc" and the seller data(either his name, nickname or email) are not shown in the refund notification in my activity

So Could be eBay the one that refunded me?, in this case, I should repay eBay, not the seller himself

What should I do to pay for my order?

Should I pay eBay or should I pay the seller?