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I received a different item and I can not open another claim!


I received a different item and I can not open another claim!


I do not know how people can be such thieves! Please read until the end and help me 😞
I've bought a 5.1 home cinema from
After some negociations I agreed about a price with the seller. I've paid 240 euro on 12th June. The seller told me on 13th June that
he will send me the product, Monday, on 14th June.
After I've read more about the system I've seen that it does not have DTS:X function and I asked the seller to NOT send it anymore and
to return me the money. I asked him that in the first hours of 14th June. He told me that he already sent the package..I've even asked
HERMES (his shipping company) to tell me when he sent the item, but they did not answear me.
I wanted to spare him of paying the shipping cost to Heilbronn and return..

The package arrived to Heilbronn where I asked him to send the package.
I was thinking about to keep or return the package because of missing the DTS:X function of the receiver.
Finally, I've decided to keep it like this and asked the shipping company from Heilbronn to send it to me.
Today I've picked up the package from the office of the shipping company. I was very dissapointed :((
Although, I've made a compromise when I've decided to keep it like this (without the DTS:X function), today I've seen that he even sent
me another receiver, without the ATMOS function, too :(((

I've already opened before a claim to explain you the situation. I could not choose a claim through which I say that ”I received an
item that's not as described” because I did not receive the item, at that time. So, I've opened a claim in which I choosed that ”I
didn’t receive an item I purchased”. I thought that after I will receive the item I can still open a claim through which I say that ”I
received an item that's not as described” because of that missing of DTS:X function. I think you already mentioned that in that claim,
that I can still open a new one IF I will not receive the package.
Now I really wanted to open an ”I received an item that's not as described” claim because I REALLY received a different item 😞
I do not know what to do now :((

Even if PayPal believes me and decide in my favour I've already paid almost 50 euro for shipping from Heilbronn to me and I do not
think that I will recover them anymore 😞
When I've decided to ask the shipping company to send me the package I've decided to keep the product!!! This is the reason for which I
intended to receive the package and pay those 50 euro for shipping from Heilbronn to me.

Now, I've wanted to choose an ”I want to report unauthorized activity” claim because was the only one I could still open, beside ”I have a billing issue”. I could not open this claim 😞 The page is showing me that it is still charging (I've tried from Explorer and Chrome, too)

Beside this, I want you to think about the intentions of this seller considering this question: WHY he would asked me again 240 euro on 13th June, since I've paid this money on 12th June and notified him about this!!! He complained a little about the PayPal fees because I used PayPal for goods, but he finally ignored the fees. But after I opened that claim he asked me again 240 euro!!! Maybe because he knew his intentions: to send me something else than what I've paid for!!!
I have all the discussions with him on and I can send it to you.
I have the photos of what I've received and moreover I've saved the images of the product from
I was not expected that in Germany there are this kind of people, who can enjoy of 240 euro by sending a different item :((
You can even call Hermes to ask them when the seller send that package, although now the problem is that he sent me another item!
I tried to

p.s. I've even send a message to the seller today to ask him why he sent me a different item 😞 I could write his name here to know if you meet this person in the future, but I do not know if PayPal allows me!!!