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I really need some help ...


I really need some help ...

I bought an item from on 5th this month with my card and not my Paypal account. The seller never sent me the item and nither answer to my messages so I contact eBay I spoke with them and they said to me I am under PayPal protection and not under eBay protection buyer because I bought from and they sent to me the id transaction for PayPal and said to me to open a dispute to get a refund on my bank account. Now I tried a couple of times to get in touch with customer care from Paypal but nothing good from it, I mean I sent a couple of emails because is not possible to call them due to coronavirus and most of my emails have been responded by the server or something like because I never got resolve the problem and open a dispute or get my money back. I dont know what to do and I ask for some help if it is possible because I dont want to lose the money, I don't paid a small amount. 

PayPal Employee

Re: I really need some help ...

Good day @AdrianClaudiu 


I am very sorry that you did not receive what you ordered from eBay and my apologies if you were referred to PayPal by eBay representative.


Please be advised that 'Guest' checkout does not come with PayPal Purchase Protection. However, you may want to consider contacting your bank to discuss some options available.




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