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I need to hurry up a dispute


I need to hurry up a dispute

Dispute Case : - I bought item in MAY 2020, reported it not received July 16, today is 4 September. I have still not received the item, and surely PayPal should have settled this by now? The seller has said it was delivered to the Post Office. Why? And I expected courier delivery - I am disabled. But I went to the Post Office, it is definitely not there. I have asked the seller for proof of delivery, ie my signature, but no reply. PLEASE refund my money. I can't find a way on the PayPal site to actually SPEAK to a human, and the computer answering goes round in circles. VERY frustrating! If you run a service you should have a proper human helpline! Thank you!


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Re: I need to hurry up a dispute

Even with the current covid limitations I cannot understand why a very obvious scam is allowed to happen but each time I log into the resolution centre the date is moved back. This has happened numerous times with no reason and there appears to be no appetite by Pay Pal to settle. Does the purchaser have any standing or are we expected to just wait - not professional and not encouraging me to use PayPal going forward.