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I need to find out about someone named duotongguan

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I need to find out about someone named duotongguan



      I am hoping someone can help me find out if there is really someone out there called Duotongguan.   I am writing right now to find out if he will write me back cause I havent heard anything from him for my order.  I am going to five him about another week and I dont hear from him.....I am going to have Paypal cancel the payment and try to get my money back.


   Please someone help me...            thank you Teeshtwo

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Re: I need to find out about someone named duotongguan

 On the 7 Jul 2020  I have  told Paypal for the sixth time  that the entry reads "07Jul Paypal Duotonggua[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]$54.14". I have received no goods against this transaction. The supplier description on my credit card statement says" womens clothes". I ordered a perspex periodical table advertised on Facebook. I have tried to  contact Duotongguan but am unable to locate any contact details. I have had no real response from Pay Pal only that they have asked me for transaction ID an item I am unable to supply. 



2:14 PM

Hello John, can you please try to check your email on the same day when you made the transaction if you receive any email from PayPal with a receipt number?
Feel free to reply whenever you're ready and we'll reply as soon as we can.