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I need to Appeal a Paypal Transaction


I need to Appeal a Paypal Transaction

I've been looking online to see how I can appeal a Paypal dispute. There were procedures, that involved going to the resolution center from the main page, which I can't do, since there is no option to go to the resolution center from the main page, and to click from a "dropdown" menu to appeal a case. But that dropdown menu doesn't exist. It may have in the past, but it doesn't now. And I have a dispute, that Paypal ruled in favor of the seller for. I was given money to pay a mover after a transaction. After I paid the mover through paypal, the person who sent me my money, cancelled their check. So I wanted to cancel the paypal transaction, but it had been accepted. So I opened up a dispute. however the automated reasons for a dispute didn't cover my situation. So I used the most similar option that I could think of, which was unauthorized transaction. Well paypal ruled in favor of the mover, so I'm out $2530. But Now, since I paid for a service, and they did not provide it, then that is a reason for opening a dispute. now when I try to open a dispute, I get sent to a screen that says, "looks like something went wrong on our end" and I can't do anything else. I've been at this for a few hours this morning. I feel like the only option will be getting the local police involved.  


Re: I need to Appeal a Paypal Transaction

EDIT: Now PayPal won't even let me submit this reply to my own comment. When I hit submit, it first told me my reCAPTCHA was invalid (even though it's just a box you put a checkmark in) now it's saying "Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied." 2 different reasons for an issue, even though nothing has changed! That immediately makes PayPal itself look like they are hiding something. Or It could look like they are trying to prevent people with claims from saying anything in their message boards.

Now the "Contact Us" page is no longer working (not that it would have helped) But I appealed the transaction, (I had to go to the email of the dispute being denied, and there is a link on that e-mail) I mention that the since the dispute had been denied, then I had paid for a service, and that I did not receive that service. So it's no longer a claim about an unauthorized transaction, but a case where I had not received the product or service after payment. However I get another e-mail later in the day, saying the dispute had been denied. This e-mail had no link to appeal the dispute. So I go on Paypal and try to open an new dispute for the payment. however it says that I can't open a dispute on a closed case. Keep in mind all this was automated. I'm sure there is someone just sitting at home because of COVID or even sitting at their desk, just pressing a deny button all day. They don't even have to write out reasoning why they are denying your dispute anymore, because that is automated now.

This is DIRECTLY from their help page:

Here’s how to escalate a dispute to a claim.
Go to the Resolution Center.
Click View next to the dispute you want to escalate.
Click Escalate to PayPal at the bottom of the page.
Add any relevant information for escalating the dispute.
Click Submit.
NONE OF THAT WORKS! AND IT'S THEIR OWN INSTRUCTIONS! I will never make another single PayPal transaction. Because if there is an issue, they don't care about the actual situation. They obviously sided with a fake account (the name on the payee is "noonespecial") to make sure my money was wired to them. I will suggest anyone I know that uses PayPayl, to cancel their accounts, and I will no longer accept any transfers through PayPal, even if they try to send money through PayPal.