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I need some advice please concerning a dispute.


I need some advice please concerning a dispute.

Hello, I wonder if anybody could give me some advice concerning a dispute i'm going through. 

I have a dispute going on,  the company has finally agreed to give me a refund ( even though they refused point blank until I involved paypal, they said I had no rights unless the goods were faulty).  Anyway now paypal are involved they have suddenly said no problem, just send it back and we will give you a refund. They are based in North Bondi NSW, the item is only £9.99 but it is now what I ordered.  Do they expect me to pay for the postage or do I ask them to send me a pre paid address label.  I only have a choice of replying by ''accept offer'' or '' decline offer''....there is no where for me to say I will send it back if you are paying the postage, if not I will decline, there is no ''respond'' button. This is the first time ive ever had to do this so I need some advice please.  


I bought a large cleaning brush for pet hairs, the picture showed a large brush and they sent me a tiny one, telling me that's what I ordered and if I want the large one its twice the price and under no circumstances can I have my money back ( I thought we had a couple of weeks protection on buy online?) Well I found the email this company sent me saying my order is on its way and with a photo attached of what my parcel will contain, and it was a photo of the large brush, I sent this all to them but still they say I have no rights to a refund. Its not the £9.99 i'm bothered about it is the fact I feel they are ripping me off, to show a photo of a large brush and to send a tiny one out and to also send me a photo of the large brush saying it will be in my parcel surely is misleading selling! I have emailed them many times and still they say I am not entitle to have my money back, and to top it all off....on the handle of the brush is some brown stains, I don't know if it is just from where they test them before they send them out but they are not from me...yuk.