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I need help


I need help

Hello, last June I've bought a tablet from Ebay. I bought a model and seller sent me and older model than his listing was saying. 

After agreed to send it back and he promised me to refund me, he told me that the shipping was to expensive and he was going to refund me for the tablet only. The problem was, that I sent the tablet to the only address I had on the box, and apparently this was a shipping company, which I paid the shipping to get the item to me.

The tablet was send with tracking with DHL, and someone from this company in the UK signed for it.

After too many calls and emails, the parcel is not found.

Ebay case and Paypal was against me as the seller did not received the item, as it it's not my fault to send it in another address.

The thing is that nobody stepped in to help me somehow.


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Re: I need help



Sorry, nothing anyone can do because seller did not receive item back and a return address was not confirmed or agreed upon between you and the seller. Didn't even return to an address PayPal told you to. You returned it to whatever address you had and didn't consult the seller.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: I need help

As no one advised me I send it back to where the address was shipped from, as it also had the seller's name.


I cannot understand how Ebay or Paypal cannot talk to this shipping company, if someone signed for the package.


The funny thing is that trying to foul buyers by sending a different item means nothing to eBay and Paypal. In my opinion it is shameful.