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I'm getting done super dirty


I'm getting done super dirty

I ordered what I thought was a storage shed from a company in China that should have been a red flag but I'm optimistic it was $118 I was excited to get it when I did get it it was a red Lego toy not even worth $0.40 there's no return address on the little tiny envelope that it came in it is written in Chinese though it probably said Richard Smith dumb I still have the envelope and Lego. I filed a dispute and all that other cool stuff and they said by the 24th I should have my money back well I receive something through my emails today saying that I should have sent the item that was sent to me meaning the red Lego back to these people and PayPal will then see about getting me my money back I got no problem doing that I have a Lego and the envelope and it probably cost $0.10 to send however I don't know where to send it it is in Chinese. I am an American from Arizona and I like NASCAR anyways I'm in a conundrum hear where do I send that Lego as it were and how do I print out a shipping label to send the Lego so that the scandalous people have record of receiving their crappy Lego I mean if they're d i dishonest enough to send me a Lego to begin with and why wouldn't they say he didn't send us no us a Lego or a real cool storage shed this mister these people have obviously done this before I only have a few days left until PayPal throw this away and I'm **bleep** I work too hard for my money to give $118 away I'll call the Better Business Bureau I don't know what I'll do I mean I just got to be options I got to be option to my bank Chase Bank would have already handled it for me PayPal seems a little more questionable as a respectable Institution can I use respectable loosely I hope I didn't **bleep** anybody off it's not my intention I'm just venting thank you so much for listening to me and hopefully somebody has a solution for me I mean that it knows what to do I don't I'm at a loss thank you so much for your time
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Sorry no time to wade through that block of text, can you just post the FACTS?

+ paragraphs?

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