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I just want my money

New Community Member

I just want my money

Brand new to PP.  I obviously didn't set up my account properly and $367 has been in limbo for more than a week.  When I go to the help area, my message is rejected.  When i call the recording says go to the help area.  This is very user unfriendly.  I bought something for a friend and they tried to pay me back via PP.  Are there no humans at PP?  


Re: I just want my money

I'm going through HELL with PayPal right now. I had someone send me $900 and PayPal flagged it as suspicious and permanently banned me. Their reason was "suspicious activity" and that I hardly use my PayPal account . The $900 my friend sent me will be held hostage for 180 days and there is nobody I can reach and I am also rejected by the help center because of my banned account. This is CRIMINAL. thankfully my friend knows a way to refund the money he sent so he can just give me a paper check