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I have been scammed. One job in 5 transactions. 2 refunded, 3 declined to refund by PayPal.


I have been scammed. One job in 5 transactions. 2 refunded, 3 declined to refund by PayPal.

Long story short, I have paid freelancer online labor marketplace $4404.70 in 5 installments to pay for my job ordered from a freelancer. deposited safepay balance and paid the freelancer as per contract's terms on timely manner. However, the freelancer did nothing at all and failed to provide with anything that I have ordered. Initial deadline was 45-60 days (started on Oct 22, 2020). Today Feb 11, 2021 and paid the freelancer for the job he never did. After I complained, closed the job, agreed that the freelancer was late and failed to deliver the job on time and blocked any way to communicate with them. There was no way to seek for a refund from the freelancer. I have turned to customer service of on Jan 19,2021 and on Facebook on Jan 25, 2021. Today, no one tried to contact me to discuss my issue.

On Jan 31, 2021 I have disputed all 5 transactions for the job charged me and 2 out of 5 transactions were refunded. Another 3 were declined with the explanation "The case was closed in the recipient's favour as there was no documentation given to show the credit due.". How come the same problem, the same evidence and the same provider and has different outcome? How can I ask for a review? What can I do? 


As per terms of service published at under (B) SafePay Service/1. General section state that: " agrees not to pay Freelancers for services until after the occurrence of an Employer's Acceptance of Services. You acknowledge that such funds will belong to immediately upon such funds being transferred to by you. However, agrees to refund such funds to Employer in the event that (a) a Freelancer acknowledges that services have not been completed or (b) Employer and Freelancer have concluded the process comprising the Arbitration Service with a result indicating that Employer is the rightful recipient of such funds."


As of today on Feb 11, 2021, have removed my account with them, even though I still have a dispute with them directly and customer service haven't replied me as they promised to do when they received my email. My login is not recognized by their website anymore, therefore I can not access my previous contract with the freelancer, however I have saved screenshots of that agreement and saved the whole correspondence with guru and the freelancer.


Funny enough, I have paid to provide me safe and easy service. They took my money, not only they haven't done anything to assist me when the freelancer was far behind all deadlines, they also blocked all means of communication available to me back then. After I raised the issue with PayPal that took my money and violated their own agreement with me, they also removed my account and I am unable to login to my own profile. PayPal, on the other hand, assisted me in getting 2 out of 5 transactions back and for some reason declined in other 3 claims with the same evidence and the same issue description. 


What do I do now? Obviously I have provided everything I had and supported my words in any way and with all the documents I have. Is there anyone who could help me in getting my money back? I am not the only victim of out there. Looking for help! Please