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I have a problem with closed case

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I have a problem with closed case

Hello dear PayPal.

i have a case with company name BHphotovideo 

i receivd a broken tv they didnt help i try to slove this problem with them by email and phone and i open case here in paypal

the told me in the phone you most close the case in paypal so we can **bleep**une help you after i close the case

they agnore me and cant even open new case what i do now



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Re: I have a problem with closed case



I am shocked that B&H Photo treated you like that. Maybe they did not like that you open a PayPal dispute because they have a way to handle/process returns through their website shop:


The problem is, once you close a PayPal dispute, you cannot open another. If PayPal closed it, you have a better chance of reopening it.


If you can’t open a return request at the store website, and paid with credit card, do a chargeback through your card company.


Edit: I was just reading the B&H returns page and large screen tv’s are not returnable when the box has been opened. Scroll down past the Return request steps.


Opened TVs, combos and monitors 37" and larger — original packaging cannot be unsealed”


I know you will say that how does one know the item is damaged without opening the box, right? Was there any insurance on the shipment?

However, it also says that, “Defective items may be repaired, exchanged or refunded at our discretion for the same model or manufacturer's equivalent model.”  Maybe try again to open a return request at their website? 


Maybe good idea to call your credit card to see if they can get you a refund.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂