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I had problem with Infoscore


I had problem with Infoscore

Could someone please help show me how to deal with this situation.


I once used direct debit to make a payment on Ebay. At that time, i click agree to authorize PayPal to take money from my bank account. The problem is the inputted bank account was of my friend. He borrowed my Ebay account to buy so he used his bank account for direct debit. However, PayPal did not take money from his bank account (I dont know why). But PayPal called him sometimes and ask his PayPal account email before they tell him the problem. Then they said his PayPal email he gave was not correct so they could not tell him then hung up. (I think because the problem is from direct debit not from the PayPal account so his PayPal account is not relevant.)


Few days ago, I received an email from Infoscore ask for penalty fee, the amount is way too much but it is not fair because we did not intend to scam PayPal or something just PayPal did not take money from us, call us but did not tell the problem.


I tried to reach PayPal agent via phone call but I know little German so I could not reach anyone in person. I just want to ask for a method that I could pay that payment to send the proof to Inforsore.


Please help me find out what I should do. Thank you in advance.

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Re: I had problem with Infoscore

I just can't believe nobody takes the time to point out that INFOSCORE is a scammer of the worst kind. Do not pay them. Do not reply to them. They have scammed hundreds of people. Can't people that in 2020 a company like is not caught, OMG.