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I got sent unusable junk, Buyer Protection says 'materially similar'?


I got sent unusable junk, Buyer Protection says 'materially similar'?

Item lacks 99% of the advertised features and capabilities, basically got sent a toy instead of the electronic device advertised. Doesn't even have the connection sockets advertised, so is physically unusable to me. Tested on a friends equipment which is old enough to have the only socket this thing supports, found that it pretty much every other advertised feature is absent. 


PayPal found in favour of seller (Didn't know I was buying from Gadgets Group at the time, appeared to be an English company), saying that what I had received is 'materially similar' to that advertised, despite it doing pretty much none of what was stated. 


Thought there must have been some mistake, maybe the links to the webpage making all of the false claims got lost from my dispute somehow. Took to the chat for PP customer services... Get told :

'I see that we had denied the case as the claim does not justify the product to be significantly not as described and as you've mentioned that the item had been used'.


So unusable due to compatibility being lied about, and if you clear that hurdle somehow, it not doing pretty much any of what it claimed is not a 'significant difference', according to PayPal? As for it having been 'used'? How do you know whether something works properly or not until you turn it on, which was the extent of my usage, as soon as it became apparent that this thing was a poor quality rip off which delivers on none of its advertised features, it was re-boxed immediately.


'Our buyer protections covers to an extend (sic) when it's significantly not as described, however, we do not cover claims due to expectations on a product as that's something we have no control over'. 

So when you buy something, expecting it to actually be usable and have the features and required connections which IT IS STATED TO HAVE is unreasonable? 


Based on my conversation with PP chat, Buyer Protection only applies if you have no expectation of your purchase being fit for purpose or having any of the stated features / compatibility / being able to do anything that it claims. And if you had to use the item to find this out, then Buyer Protection is also null and void.  Is this for real?!