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I got scammed by paypal

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I got scammed by paypal



I am a paypal user since 2012, I never had any problems with anyone, I bought, sold items on paypal, ebay and other sites etc. About 2 months ago I got a collectors lego set, I got back a box filled with drained batteries, 2 magazines, used pencils and other random stuff, basically I got scammed, I made the transaction using paypal, the seller of course told me to send the money as a friend, I didn't (not that it would've helped as you'll see).


After the seller seemed like he was confused, told me that perhaps the shipping company did something, he stopped responding, I filed a claim. In the resolution center shortly I was given 2 options: cancel the claim or send the item back and provide tracking information. I sent the box filled with random crap back as I had no choice. I also call paypal to ask how can I get my shipping money back as it costed me 40 euros just to send the box filled with crap back, after about 2 hours of constant rerouting to different departments (International, dispute etc.) I manage to get the information: that I need to apply for a program and send the proof there in another ticket, and so I did, I sent the same pictures of the receipt, the tracking site, code, description for everything, everything was identical between my original claim because I got scammed and the claim to get the money back because I shipped it back. I got back 30 euros out of the 40 I spent on shipping the item back while my original claim got canceled because "we were unable to verify the shipping information you provided" Closed directly, no other description, questions because they couldn't verify?, no, instead the ticket was closed directly. I call again, I explain my situation, I am told that on the receipt they are looking for proof of the address where it got sent, I used a shipping company that does not write that on their receipt, so I mail them and the shipping department provides me with a paper containing the shipping address and the signature of the person who picked up the package, still my claim was closed a second time with "After careful consideration, we're unable to decide this claim in your favor at this time."


I call in again, someone explains to me that the reason is they they still couldn't verify the shipping information, now I am not going to post it all here but I provided: the emails between me and the shipping company containing the address, price etc. and that they will send someone to pick up the package, I provided multiple photos of the receipt containing the AWD tracking number, I provided the site with the tracking, I provided description to everything, I asked multiple times in the ticket/emails/on the phone what else do I need to explain or give you?


In conclusion: 2 months passed, can't even claim the money back from the bank, I got scammed and made to send back a basically empty box, I made 2 claims, with identical information, one was accepted, the other canceled, I called a couple times, stayed on the phone for about 5 total hours with various people and the robot, waiting for more people/departments, I provided all the tracking information, site, number, receipt, proof of delivery with the signature, the emails, everything that I could, two appeals, A LOT of emails and tickets later I still don't have the money from the only problem I had in 6 years since I use paypal. Great service, would recommend buyer protection A++ 😐 



Sorry for the long post, I there anything I can do besides not using paypal anymore?