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I got scammed by and paypal refuses to refund

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I got scammed by and paypal refuses to refund



I was searching for old amplifier tubes made in 1950's. I came across a French website that claimed to have them as NOS and very cheap. The shipping was for free from France to NL.

After placing the order I never received any shipping details, i decided to give the seller a month as the website looked like it would have multiple sellers connecting through it (like eBay) and the parts I purchased would be ancient = I assumed seller to be very old.


Meanwhile this website has disappeared. Nothing happened so I disputed the payment and waited again. 


Now Paypal shared this resolution 'The case was closed in the seller's favor as the seller provided a valid proof of delivery.'

Checking the notes I see that the seller sent Paypal this tracking nr: LZ864367324CN

However I never received anything from the seller / nor international packages. Also this tracking nr is not specifying where the package has been delivered (only states Netherlands. Funny as the parts were supposed to be sent from France - not China to NL.)


What can I do? I am sure that the seller / website were scammers but PayPal refuses to return my money.

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Re: I got scammed by and paypal refuses to refund

Nevermind, PayPal did the needful and refunded me the order. Thanks customer service!