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I got hacked... Lost money I don't even have


I got hacked... Lost money I don't even have

Hello to all of you. Before exactly a week, the following amounts were drained from my payPal account:

Jun 8, 2020Payment to Facebook
Completed-$125.00 USDJun 8, 2020Payment to Facebook
Completed-$75.00 USDJun 7, 2020Payment to Facebook
Completed-$75.00 USDJun 7, 2020Payment to Facebook
Completed-$50.00 USDJun 7, 2020Payment to Facebook
Completed-$35.00 USDJun 7, 2020Payment to Facebook
Completed-$25.00 USDJun 7, 2020Payment to Facebook
Completed-$15.00 USDJun 7, 2020Payment to Facebook
Completed-$15.00 USDJun 7,      2020Payment to Facebook
Completed-$10.00 USDJun 7, 2020Payment to FacebookCompleted-$7.00 USD

I saw it yesterday evening. Tried to contact paypal support, but my account has some kind of "limitation", they want my

details, credit card data to verify who I am. The problem is that it's supper messy. Card owner is my mother (I am 17)

And I don't know whether to put my name or her when restoring the account. I didn't even had those total money which

I see are drained (The total amount of drained money: $417 ) money I had: around $120 right in my account and 250eur with status "pending" from 2 weeks. If I didn't had those money, does it means they got money from my mother's debit card? 😧 I am a developer and worked hard for this money.. At the end they got more than I even have. Having a page where I teach people how to code (facebook: thewebmasterp, instagram(most active): webmaster_project) and wanted to invest in some facebook ads, just to try it. Invested $10 but then left my paypal connected to facebook, for future investments. Here is the strange part:

I dig deep into the page and noticed 2 things: Had a new business member to my page (Admin?) added, who I haven't added. His name was Carolyn. Second suspicious activity was even more disturbing: Video (which is not appearing on my page feed) was published under my profile picture and name, AND IT WAS ON CHINISH! Some things which I can't even understand.. It had reach of 10K people and 80-90 likes, it is obviously boosted from my paypal balance. Here's this video I haven't made:


I was in shock. Tried to contact facebook support team, but there's no way to contact a REAL PERSON! On facebook support. All is bots which ask you questions. No real person to explain what's the problem. No one. A bot scanned my acount, told me there was a suspicious activity, changed my password and THIS WAS IT! So my last hopes are in this article I put. Please tell me what should I do! Anything would be from help. Thanks all!




Re: I got hacked... Lost money I don't even have


DId you manage to get this issue resolved? Experienced similar problems myself.