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I didn't get my refund


I didn't get my refund

I placed an order to buy a Sony lens for $999 on eBay on 10/29/2019. Right after I made the payment, the seller initiated a refund and then added an invalid tracking number, but I didn't really get the refund. The refund cancelled and re-initiated several times but never actually went through. I then opened a case on PayPal since I didn't get the item.


The case was closed by PayPal without issuing me a refund. I made a phone call to PayPal and an agent asked me to wait since they need some time to take a look at my account. After hanging me for an hour, they told me they can't issue me the refund. They said they have tried to issue me the refund but failed since they couldn't get the money from the seller's account, so there is NOTHING they can do about it! I am shocked by they answer. As a transaction platform, shouldn't they provide guarantee to the transaction? I didn't get the item, but they refused to issue me a refund. If that is the case, we get no protection when buying from eBay and making payment through PayPal. As long as the seller keeps the money and refuse to refund you, they can't do Nothing about it, which is ridiculous to me.


Is there anything I can do to get my money back? Please help me! Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks

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Re: I didn't get my refund



PayPal is not eBay with their money back guarantee. The two companies are separate and have different dispute programs/processes. If the seller ain't got no money to refund you, there is nothing PayPal can do. PayPal's purchase protection is not a guarantee, warranty or insurance and never claimed this so the program has it's limitations.


If you paid with credit card, dispute the transaction through them.


Looks like this seller came up with a new tactic to scam, not just you but PayPal or the poor soul who's account they may have hi-jacked. Withdraw the money to their bank and cashed out, then issue a "fake" refund to stop the dispute process. Then the chargeback will put the seller's account in the negative and eventually PayPal will put that account into collections.

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