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I can't use my account anymore?

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I can't use my account anymore?

For some reason, I'm being told I can't use my PayPal anymore, can't make a new account with my information or anything. Apparently my account actvity is inconsistent with PayPal's user agreement terms but it won't say what terms I violated. Hope this is just a misunderstanding becasue I'm heated rn lmao

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Re: I can't use my account anymore?



According to your other post, if you were banned because of your age and that was incorrect, contact customer service so you can confirm your age and get your account reinstated. I think they have bots using algorithms that can erroneously flag/close accounts so if you have the endurance to persevere PayPal customer service to get your account back, go for it.



Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂