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I can't change my "limited account" provided info.


I can't change my "limited account" provided info.

Hello guys, I have a problem if someone could help me with.

A while back, paypal requested my info because my account became limited. I provided some information, but something was not right so I need to send it again.


However, when I try editing or adding new information, it doesn't let me. I press on resolve account issue -> and it shows me a screen where the only thing I can press is "resolve". If I do that, it tells me that my information will be verified in 2-4 days, however, it's the old info. I can't add or edit the new ones.


I asked paypal on facebook, but I didn't get any good responses. Anyone could help me?


Re: I can't change my "limited account" provided info.

Hi @Gabriel22,


Welcome to our Community!


It sounds like the document might not have been denied correctly or  it is a simple browser issue. Try clearing the cache and cookies on your browser before attempting again. If you still don't have an option please contact our support for assistance. You should try the secure Message Centre , there an agent can review what is happening.