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I **bleep** up

New Community Member

I **bleep** up

Hi, I need help/advice. I sent two items out, inadvertently switched labels and sent each item to wrong party. One person is cooperating and agreeing to send wrong item to right person. Whereas the one who received much better more expensive item is pretending all is well.

can I get my money back in order to pay the other party or do I have to eat this?

I did buy insurance but the problem is the labels are showing each one received the item.

One item was a $5 tin can, the other was a one of a kind Longaberger Basket at $50. The one who received the tin can--is cooperating and wants her true purchased, the Longaberger.

The one who received the Longaberger has left a positive feedback stating that item "is great."--even though she received the much more expensive, yet wrong item.