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I am lost

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I am lost

This is my first time selling on paypal, I sold 800 dollars worth of wrestling action figures to a man. His payment is on hold. He didnt like what he recieved so i told him to ship them back and id pay shipping and refund him, he is refuseing and wants me to pay him 400 and him keep the figurines, what do I do? 

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Re: I am lost



You don't have to accept a return if you have trackable proof of delivery of the item to the buyer and they were described accurately.

HOWEVER even if he WON a dispute for item received but not as described then normally he has to return the items back to you first at his own expense before you issue any refund.

I would only accept a return and pay return costs IF the items were not as described, if they were and you are just being nice accepting a return then he should pay the return costs.

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