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I am furious with PayPal

New Community Member

I am furious with PayPal

I purchased an item on Ebay, the seller of which turned out to be a Chinese scammer and Ebay have chucked him out. He provided a false tracking number for the item. Both China Post and Royal Mail have confirmed that the parcel is addressed to Walton on Thames - miles away from me. I've emailed the scumbag seller, with no response.  In spite of all this, Paypal were not able to decide the case in my favour. Why the hell not? I thought paying by PayPal was supposed to be safe. I've complained to Ebay & they say, as it's obviously a scam and not my fault, they are processing a refund.  


PayPal, you should be ashamed!! You didn't even give a reason for deciding in this lowlife thief's favour and I shall be emailing him/her to make my views crystal clear.


I expect this to be replied to, for everyone to read, giving clear reasons for this bonkers decision! I shall be reviewing Paypal on Trustpilot and anywhere else I can find