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How to restore my account

New Community Member

How to restore my account


So PayPal decided to limit access to my account until I provide what they asked for (see screenshot).

I have everything they want except 2 things I'm confused about, which are:

1- Business information: as I'm located in Morocco, I have an LLC in the US and my PayPal business name is the same as my LLC's name. The only issue is that, in my PayPal account, I put in both home & business address my Moroccan address. To solve this problem, should I submit my home address or my company address which is in America?

2- For the purchase receipt: my private supplier is sending me an invoice of each amount of orders (I sell on Shopify), these invoices are made in a simple PDF format showing the number of orders and the amount in USD to pay. Should that work?


Thanks for the help!