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How to contact PayPal?

New Community Member

How to contact PayPal?

I have been trying for weeks to dispute a decision made by PayPal after an item did not work on arrival.


I believe the decision was made after I submitted ambiguous evidence (I should have been more specific). I was of the understanding that PayPal would contact me if there were any question or ambiguity.

I have been trying to contact them for weeks to reopen the case with more specific evidence, being promised several times that a manager would call me in the next 72 hours. I cannot get anyone to take my case seriously, if I get a reply at all.


How can I get in contact - the chat bot promises that an agent will reply but I get nothing. The phone line tells me to use the chat.


Thank you 


Re: How to contact PayPal?

Have been trying to contact PayPal regarding dispute case Pp-D-75275211 which they have closed,I have eventually received my jacket but not what I ordered and I can not get a return address,so am left with a jacket that is no good to me.can not get the company to contact me.please help.