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How to appeal decision

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How to appeal decision

Paypal decide that i was lost against this bad buyer. My evidences are very strong, that based on the tracking number, the product was received by this buyer, but somehow paypal decide that i lost and withdraw my money. 5 months after I've sent the product and there was no complaint at all and suddenly this bad buyer told paypal that he wants his money back and I've lost just like that.

Paypal email said that i can appeal, but everytime I've try to appeal by putting tracking number evidence, paypal said there was an error, that I haven't put in the tracking number, I already did it.  How come?

I was trying to call paypal support center and no one answered.  Paypal making me frustated. Can't be called, can't be emailed, don't have any seller protection (for real, not on the paper).  

Very bad services..

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