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How to Appeal Limitations - USA

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I got paid to build a CBD website in Florida. I tested the shopping cart with a .05 product named test. They shut down my business paypal address <removed>. The lady said paypal no longer wants to do business with me. How do I appeal. I don't even own the website.


Dear Hermosa Beach Marketing Inc.,

A recent review of your account activity identified products/services on
your website violate PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. Specifically, illegal
drug(such as CBD oil: <removed>) are associated
with <removed> and are not permitted on our platform.

Please remove all references to PayPal from your website/s and/or
auction/s. This includes not only removing PayPal as a payment option, but
also the PayPal logo and PayPal shopping cart.

Currently there is no money on your PayPal account balance.

Note that should any chargebacks result in your account balance falling
below zero, then you will also need to settle the amount owed to PayPal to
avoid further action.

Customers who are permanently limited for violating the Acceptable Use
Policy are not permitted to use PayPal services and are not permitted to
open new or additional PayPal accounts.

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