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How do I report a problem?


How do I report a problem?

Can someone please advise me what to do here - 


 - I stupidly purchased something from a Scam Website - didn't receive any email confirmation from the site.

 - I researched the site and saw posts suggesting it was a scam site.

 - I emailed the site but never received a reply, so I raised a Case in the Resolution Centre to warn PayPal that the site is probably fake.

 - I think I got back an automated response saying "we found that this transaction was not unauthorised, etc." and closed the case.

 - It's now way past the time when the item should've been delivered but I can't raise a new Case against the same transaction.  So I can't complain to PayPal anymore ??


Is it my fault for being pro-active and telling PayPal about the site - that they are processing money with?


Any help appreciated.