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How do I open a dispute?

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How do I open a dispute?

I bought something of eBay and the seller is not shipping or replying to my messages. When I go to eBay and follow the steps to open a dispute I get send here to PayPal. When I'm at PayPal, they send me back to eBay. Every now and the I land on a page where I can choose "I didn’t receive an item I purchased" However when I click that it just sends a message to the seller & does not open a case. Anyone can help me with this? The only layout of PayPal was much easier to work with, it seems like more than half the functions are removed in the new one.

The steps PayPal tells me to take: 

Do you need help?
First contact the seller through eBay to try resolving the problem. If it's still not resolved, go to the eBay Resolution Center. You may be eligible for buyer protection.

Steps eBay tells me to take (translated from my language):

Do as followed:
  • Click on Continue to PayPal.
  • Log in to your PayPal-account.
  • Click on the tab Resolution center.
  • click on the link Resolution center.
  • Communicate with the seller via PayPal.
  • If you can't solve the dispute, You can file a claim for buyersprotection via PayPal.