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How do I fight a charge back?

How do I fight a charge back?

Someone gave me money to buy them a type of VIP on a site. They sent the money and I bought it for them. A couple days later they charge backed the money because of a "Unauthorized transaction" I have screenshots of our discord messages back and fourth as well as the payment of me buying the VIP on the site for him. Is there anyway I can fight this? (The money was sent as friends and family)

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Re: How do I fight a charge back?



An unauthorised transaction means that an account holders Paypal account was hacked and used without their consent by your ?buyer.
If Paypal check IP addresses etc and find in favour of the account holder then of course they are reimbursed.

However you would not lose out either as long as you met ALL the requirements of seller protection, unfortunately you broke Paypal rules and so negated your seller protection because you accepted payment for a sale using the 'friends/family' option.

By using that option for selling you also risk having your paypal account limited.

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